Android apk Download Make Your Work Easy On Smartphone

Shake Calc – Calculator

This new app has been developed to make your accounting work easier, as this calculator has many features of scientific calculation. The calculator can calculate when you shake your Smartphone. If you want to perform more complex calculating functions it can be converted into advanced view and after your calculation you can convert it into simple mode.

Solid Explorer Beta

If you want to use a new browsing experience get ready to use Solid Explorer Beta. This is one of the most important android apk download apps. This app is motionless in growth state and may be inappropriate so please luxury it with sympathy.

Brightness Toggle Widget

There are 8 bright colors available by single click, on your Smartphone if you will android apk download in your Smartphone. if you will double click on the color you will switch in an outstanding coloring mood with great brightness themes. The Toggle Widgets Pack included Auto Rotate, Brightness, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Silent Airplane Toggle Widgets Panel.

App Cache Cleaner

While playing games on Smartphones our phone cache memory decreased as the battery of our phone decreased by using this. We want recharge of our battery if it decreases; such like this we need a cache cleaner app to remove this cache memory from the RAM of our Smartphone. Android apk download will help you to get app cache cleaner.

GO Locker Green Theme

This app will be helpful for you to make your phone sure and safe, as this is one of the best locker apps for Android Smartphone users. It helps you to keep your data secret from others.

HiFi Radar

If you will install this great app in your Smartphone you will be able to find the nearest wifi location for set wifi connection around yourself. By using this app you will able to see spots and access points to the wifi connection, however this situation is depending on signal strength.

Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

The above given apps can be easily used in your Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, as this is one of the latest HTC products and you can install many new apps in this phone, you want to keep up to date your Smartphone, with android