android éclair

If you are still using an old version of android OS now the time has come that you have to update your Android OS, with the new, you can install the Android Éclair however before the installation of the new version of this mobile OS you have to install the new version of android OS.

The new update of this OS was come in 2009, this version is one of the most important updates of Google’s OS, and many people like this update due to its perfect features. However, a somewhat more wide inform with some key topographies which would assistance to healthier form and describe the charm of the Android scheme as it attitudes today.

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The extraordinary features of Android OS developed by the Google’s team who have many new things in their minds. There are many people know the use of Android OS they know who it can be updated so now we don’t need to say again and again the use and the update process of android versions, here we are going to share some brilliant features of this OS that why you should install it on your smartphone or tablet go to Update My Android for other android OS versions.

It seems that your explanation syncing and addition was lengthy significantly, allowing operators to add and sync manifold email and interaction books concurrently to one expedient. Android Éclair also added conversation email provision and the aptitude to syndicate manifold account inbox’s.

The Bluetooth support in the new version of this updated OS would be one of the most important things for the fans of this perfect OS in their phone. They can use their phone with better features, there are many new call logs will be available for you, and you can sue the email and text messages with the help of your phone which will be better for you in good communication options, you can visit for the latest version of Android OS.

You can easily use the SMS and MMS service with the help of this updated version of android OS rather you have updated it on your phone or a tablet device. With the help of its exciting features you can use the auto-delete option of old messages that could be deleted from the in box of your phone if you have many messages and that are the cause of filling of your memory.

The camera support application will work in a good way if you will install the new Android Éclair on your device.It can enhance your working capability on your phone and you can enjoy better entertainment on the phone and tablet.


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