Bubble Shooter Game Available for Free On Google Play Store

There are many game apps are available for Android users and bubble shooter free available in Google play store is one of the most popular games for Smartphone users. It provides great fun to the players of game with its unique and exciting features. The updated version of this fantastic game contains many new features and the previous bugs in the game have been removed in this new version.

Alchemy Classic

Alchemy Classic

This is an addictive bubble shoot game in which you have to shoot bubbles with different tools and techniques. There are classic bubble match-three games available at Google Play stores for the fans of these types of games. You have to make free your Smartphone screen from bubbles go to the next level you can try to get 3 stars on each level. It will be a bonus point for you if you manage to get all the starts while playing game.

Tips to play this game for new uses:

  • If you are playing this game on Smartphone it will be good for you and easy to play you can easily tap your bubbles wherever you want to place it.
  • You need to make the bubble burst before disappear of the bubble.
  • If you manage to smash all the bubbles incessantly you would get bonus points.

Features of Bubble shooter:

  • You will get a Puzzle Mode and you will be able to use the limited bubbles for clear the screen from all the bubbles.
  • There are different models available for the user of the game and the arcade Mode will be more interesting for the new players to clear the screen from descending bubbles.
  • It would be shocking news for you there is over 300 different levels which you have to clear to become the master of this game.
  • Sky Castle is one of the most beautiful scenes in the game.
  • Starry night and other good-looking scenes are the part of different modes and different levels of the game.
Update Android

Update Android

There are many other games also release on Google play store as Alchemy Classic, Angry Birds are on the hit list in downloading on the store and these games are available for free, however, some of the versions of the games are paid. Keep updated you with the new version of the games.


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