Android Tips to Keep Your Smartphone In Good Working Condition

Android is a popular operating system for Smartphone users, and a large number of people are using this operating system. There are many applications has been developed for the Android users to make their phone easy to use and up to date. These are some android tips and tricks for your Android Smartphone; by following these tips you can make your phone keep updated with latest apps.

You should know the answers of following questions if you want to know android tips. You should know these all HOW if you want to make your Android phone in better conditions as per your requirements.

  1. To Setup Mail Accounts and Sync Options
  2. To Add a Mail Signature
  3. To Sync Emails, Contacts and Calendars
  4. To Browse and Edit Files on your Mobile
  5. To Switch between Open Apps
  6. To Close a Running App
  7. To Send Instant Messages
  8. To Cut, Copy and Paste
  9. To Turn Off Auto-Correction
  10. To Lock Screen Orientation
  11. To Print Screen
  12. To Select Wallpapers for your Android
  13. To Set and Clear a Default App
  14. To Uninstall an App
  15. To Add and Remove Icons from Home Screens
  16. To Re-arrange Icons
  17. To Create, Rename and Remove Folders
  18. To Copy Files between your Mobile
  19. To Share Mobile Data Connection
  20. To Backup and Restore your Data
  21. To Type Faster with Multiple Spaces
  22. To Type Special Characters
  23. To Edit Bookmarks and Folders in Android’s Browser
  24. To Add a Web Clip Icon to Home Screen
  25. To Access Notifications

You will glad to know that if you will apply these 25 android tips and tricks your phone will remain updated as you want.

You can apply these tips and trick for playing games as these tips and tricks will help you while playing games. Let’s take an example of Highway Rider, a popular game of android. If you are playing this game on your android phone you can make it better by some tips and enjoy in a good way. Highway Rider is a high quality and good graphical game so you need enough recharged battery of your Smartphone if you want to play this game for a long time.


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